Aloha! This tumblr blog was created so people all over the world, not just Hawaii can listen some some Hawaiian/reggae music, old new.. past present, it doesn't matter. So sit back, put up your feet and enjoy.. listening to some 'feel good island music'. I'll also post any Hawai'i related photographs and such things.

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Fiji & AZ - In The Morning

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Ekolu - Endless Summer Nights

Oh shiiit, I haven’t updated this tumblr in forever!! I’m surprised I still have the same followers as I did when I last updated! 

I was supposed to post the song “Honestly” but somehow I typed “Endless…” 

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"No matter what color you- yellow, black, pink, orange, purple, maroon- one race brah, the human."

— Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole. (via justhawaiithings)

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Kawehi Lindsey - Just Can’t Let Go
Taking it wayyy back to the early 90s. lol

Pati ft O-Shen & Fiji - Island Girls

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Lucky you live Hawaii!

Lucky you live Hawaii!

Baba B - All My Life

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Kolohe Kai - Cool Down

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was on vacation. -_- 

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Common Kings - Alcoholic (Acoustic Live Version)